World War Z

Bill I’s Review – 3.5 out of 5

I don’t normally go for zombie movies, or world war movies, much less a world war movie with zombies like this, but it’s a lot of (I was going to say “fun” but definitely not that) cool action and fantastic zombies. I always wondered why zombies would always move so slow, which they certainly do not here. These undead are super fast (but only when they are agitated!), crazy obsessed about attacking and biting humans, and seemingly super strong. There’s some incredible scenes, which I won’t give away here. Brad Pitt is excellent as the hero, and everyone else is a minor character (most of them turn into zombies, no surprise). This movie is not for the young teen age set, as it will likely cause nightmares. I saw a tweet from a Palestinian who saw this as Israeli propoganda, which I don’t agree with, although I could see how some might interpret racist undertones (e.g. during the initial attack Brad takes his family to Newark and everyone’s looting the stores, while a wino sits in the alley and pays no attention, then an African American cop shows up and…starts grabbing stuff off the shelves himself). But at least the zombies are multi-cultural.

We Steal Secrets – The Story of Wikileaks

Bill I’s Review – 3 out of 5

Bill C would probably rate this higher than I did ’cause he loves documentaries. I just “like” them, and this is an excellent one, but maybe a little long at 130 minutes. It’s very timely (I sat through a panel discussion beforehand) given the Snowden situation going on now, with many parallels to Bradley Manning releasing tons of US government classified documents to Wikileaks, who then partnered with some major new organizations (including the NY Times) to publish the information. I thought this would be a very liberal take on it, lionizing Julian Assange, but it certainly is not that. It’s a very even handed take on all parties, and by the end reinforces my suspicion about Assange’s character, which is that he’s not so honorable (“all information should be free”), and ended up turning into what he was supposedly fighting, namely someone who is not transparent about information that he considers private (sexual assault charges against him). Even his former founders speak against him. Alex Gibney is the talented director/writer and he is a master at telling this story. Most interesting to me is Bradley Manning, whom I knew very little about. You will be shocked when you hear from him. He’s the real hero or villain, and you will wonder how different Assange is from the NY Times. The Times scrutinized and redacted information it deemed dangerous to people’s lives, while Assange did nothing of the sort, although he claimed to have a process – he lied.

A Band Called Death

A Band Called Death – 4 out of 5

I originally reviewed this movie back in March during SXSW but it is opening this coming weekend.  I think it’s also already available on Amazon and DVD as well.  The Alamo Drafthouse has a screening on 6/26 with the band in attendance and doing a Q and A.  The band also played last night at the Parish and put on a great show so if they tour they are worth checking out.

This documentary is the year’s ‘Searching for SugarMan! Three brothers from Detroit weren’t into the Motown scene and recorded some punk music in the mid-seventies.  35 years later they become overnight sensations!  They were probably a little ahead of their time with pre-Ramones punk and they weren’t helped by their name. Their journey is an emotional one and luckily they were rediscovered a couple of years ago after detouring unsuccessfully into reggae music.


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This is the End

Bill I’s Review – Nutty out of 5

For some reason I really like to hear and see Seth Rogan, in any film (including Funny People) and in any role (seemingly playing himself in many cases). Same with Jonah Hill and more and more the same with James Franco, Craig Robinson and Danny McBride. Well, with all these guys in this film, including others of that vein such as Aziz Ansari and Michael Cera, I was predisposed to find this movie hilarious…which I DID!!!

I loved it, not expecting much of a meaningful plot, but I was smiling throughout. Emma Watson is a great surprise, along with Channing Tatum and some well hung devils. Don’t read about any of the scenes, just go and enjoy the wackiness.

Oh, I almost forget about Rihanna, playing a version of herself who does not let herself get slapped around.

Bill C’s Review – 4 out of 5

I also loved this movie!  All the actors are playing fictionalized versions of themselves during the rapture.  Luckily they don’t take their persona’s very seriously and they have a great time making fun of their perceived selves.  So much is going on in this movie that I might go back to see it again just to see some of the stuff I missed.

My only criticism is it probably could have been a little shorter and like Pineapple Express got a little too involved with the action instead of just focusing on the comedy at the end.  This is definitely my favorite movie of the summer so far.


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Fans of Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg (writes of the movie should check out this great interview on the WTF podcast.


The Internship

Bill C’s Review 2.5 out of 5

The Internship is a re-teaming of Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson from the very funny 2005 movie Wedding Crasher’s.   Vaughn and Wilson still have undeniable chemistry and this film has a lot of funny moments  but I was hoping for something that approached Wedding Crashers in quality.   They try, but fail to reach the comedic level or the emotive relationships between. the key characters of their earlier collaboration.  This movie is also a lot tamer than Wedding Crashers.

This movie stretched for a premise in having their characters be two middle aged, recently unemployed that convince the powers that be at Google to give them a shot in their intern program.  Google gets a lot of free publicity and  I guess the idea was to make Google look good.  Having interns compete in teams for jobs (only members of the winning team get jobs) by tasks such as a game of  Qidditch seemed stupid (and then Vaughn and  Wilson becoming computer whizzes able to compete with the best and the brightest seemed stupider).

I think if I didn’t have such high expectations due to Wedding Crashers  I might have liked this more.  If you’re a real fan of theirs you should still consider this.  It’s not bad, just not really good and overall I was disappointed.


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