Ricki and the Flash

Bill I’s Rating – 3 out of 5

I would say this is a good movie to see on TV except that the music scenes are best experienced on a big screen. Meryl Streep can rock it out! And I’m sure it helps that her lead guitarist is an actual rock star, Rick Springfield. His role as her long-time adorer and FWB friend was not as believable. She plays a middle aged leader of a bar band who abandoned her young family years ago, and now her ex husband asks her to come back to help her daughter get over a painful marriage breakup. The best part for me was to see the perfect interactions with the resentful daughter, played by Meryl’s real-life daughter, Mamie Gummer. Again, not so believable to me was to envision that Meryl’s younger character somehow found a soul-mate in Kevin Kline’s formal, upper class cliche father. And the film relies heavily on ugly over-done eye shadow and weird braided hair to show how much Meryl is out of the mainstream. But, overall a pleasant movie.

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