21 Jump Street

Bill I’s Review – 3 out of 5

This is a fun, witty movie, in large part due to the excellent acting, from the leads, Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill (I never tire of watching him, check out Cyrus which most people have probabaly not seen), to the bit players like the Chemistry teacher who’s tongue tied in the presence of pretty boy Channing in her classroom. I might have laughed more if I hadn’t already seen some of the best parts in previews about ten times. So the 11th time is almost a yawner, but there are plenty of gems, such as the non-explosive car chase scenes, and the genuine chemistry between the guys, including genuine chemistry experiments by real (cool) nerds. Yes, the tables have turned in today’s high school where dumb bullying jocks no longer rule; true cool is now defined by eco-awareness and respect for studious, gay students. I guess some of today’s real-life students (see Rutgers’ recent bullying conviction) didn’t get the memo.

Oh, look for a surprise non-credited showing at the end of someone you will recognize, as well as the most blatant teaser for 21 Jump Street II coming next. Bring it on!

Bill C’s Review – 4 out of 5 (originally posted during SXSW) –  Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum star in this comedy.    The movie-makers take the title and premise but little else from the old TV show that helped launch Johnny Depp’s career.   This movie has lots of hilarious/farcical moments and no potential source of laughs is off limits.  Hill and Tatum  make a great comedic duo and it’s fun to see their high school persona’s flip as they return.  This has a great cast including Rob Riggle, Ice Cube (very good) and others.    There was a great Q+A after movie. Jonah Hill was hilarious and it seemed like all involved had a great time making this movie and it shows on the screen. This opens next week and except for those who don’t like rude/crude is highly recommended. This is the type of movie that is best when seen in a crowded theater so I recommend seeing this early in it’s release.

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  1. Hill and Tatum are great together here and add a lot to this film’s comedy but it’s just the way it is all written that makes it even richer. It’s making fun of those high school comedy conventions but at the same time, is inventing it’s own as it goes on. Great review. Give mine a look when you can.

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