A Band Called Death

A Band Called Death – 4 out of 5

I originally reviewed this movie back in March during SXSW but it is opening this coming weekend.  I think it’s also already available on Amazon and DVD as well.  The Alamo Drafthouse has a screening on 6/26 with the band in attendance and doing a Q and A.  The band also played last night at the Parish and put on a great show so if they tour they are worth checking out.

This documentary is the year’s ‘Searching for SugarMan! Three brothers from Detroit weren’t into the Motown scene and recorded some punk music in the mid-seventies.  35 years later they become overnight sensations!  They were probably a little ahead of their time with pre-Ramones punk and they weren’t helped by their name. Their journey is an emotional one and luckily they were rediscovered a couple of years ago after detouring unsuccessfully into reggae music.


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