Bill C’s Review – 1.5 out of 5

Do not get Jodie Foster mad!!

Carnage is based on the hit Broadway play ‘God of Carnage’ and was directed by.Roman Polanski.  The comedy is centered on two couples civilly meeting to discuss the altercation between their two kids.  The discussion quickly escalates to World War III with ever changing allegiances among the four parents.

The movie has its moments but the acting (especially by Jodie Foster) seems overdone.  When she gets mad the veins in her neck are bulging, her eyes are popping and I was expecting to see steam coming out of her ears at any moment.  Whether laughing or crying, more subtle acting would have been better

None of the characters were likable and while I guess the point was about how childish the parents were. They all just seemed incredibly dysfunctional and mean spirited  and therefore I didn’t enjoy the movie.


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  1. I saw the play “God of Carnage” earlier this month at Zach Scott Theater in Austin and really liked it. I did not see the movie, but I could understand that it might not transfer well to the movie screen. The play is performed on a sparse stage in 90 minutes without intermission so it’s very dependent on the skill of each actor.

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