Celeste and Jesse Forever

Bill C’s Review – 2.5 out of 5

Celeste and Jesse Forever is the story of a couple going through a divorce, trying to maintain their friendship while moving on with their lives. They clearly still love each other and at times would like to reconcile but seemingly never at the same time.

The movie stars Rashida Jones  (Parks and Recreation) and Andy Samberg (SNL), with Rashida getting more of the screen time showing a good range of her character’s ups and downs. Jones also co-wrote and produced the film.

The movie was moderately funny, which is probably a pretty good achievement for a movie about a couple going through divorce. I was expecting to care more about whether they ultimately got back together or not, but while I hoped that things worked out for them, it ended up not mattering to me whether or not ‘working out’ meant getting back together or just moving on with their lives. Overall this movie was OK, but I found it a little disappointing based on the good things I had heard about it..


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