The Master Pancake Comedy troupe on Austin usually screens a movie while talking over  and making fun of the film (like Mystery Science Theater 300 used to do). Most of their shows are at the Alamo Drafthouse (a great place to see a movie), although occasionally they perform at the Paramount Theatre. This summer Master Pancake also did a free show at the Long Center’s lawn. They are very funny and raunchy. I go to see them every chance I get.

This weekend and next, they are doing something a little bit different. Instead of mocking a single movie, they have a great time with compiled scenes from Tom Hanks movies. This is a great show whether you love or hate Hanks…and, as they like to point out, nobody hates Tom Hanks. The Hanks catalog runs the gamut from his early comedies, his Oscar-winning performances, romantic comedies , etc.

Master Pancake show usually sell out several days in advance, so get your tickets.early.

Tom Hanks Career


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