Men in Black III

Bill I’s Rating – 3 out of 5

Same formula as before, proven with Will Smith and Tommie Lee Jones, enhanced by what I believe is an Oscar-worthy performance by Josh Brolin, as a Jones’ younger incarnation. Perfect imitation, fun to watch, as is the movie as a whole, with a cool villain, Boris the Animal (Jemaine Clement) nasty with an internal mind-blowing arsenal of which he makes liberal use. I didn’t recognize Nicole Scherzinger as the villain’s girlfriend early on (he’s not a sentimental type). This met my expectations for fun, action fluff, and surpassed them with the touching ending.

Bill C’s Rating – 3 out of 5

I was hoping Bill I. would repeat his ‘laugh stats’ from his review of ‘The Dictator’ and expand them to include ‘power laughs’ like they have for boxing matches!  As an action/sci-fi/comedy sequel it’s tough to do a great job in all aspects so while this isn’t great in any area this is good enough to be an amiable third movie in the series.  Josh Brolin’s performance was excellent and the hilight of the film.  As Bill points out they successfully add another element with the touching finish and it’s worth checking this movie out.


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Tommy Lee Jones in Men in Black 3

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  1. Bill C, ‘Lets agree to disagree’ as Boris the Animal keeps grunting in this sequel. IMHO this is a totally unnecessary sequel. There’s no plot and no agenda other than the touching end (But who really needs this in an action comedy?). I couldn’t sit through the movie after the first 30 mins. ( I won the tickets in a lucky draw held at IBM!). The movie is agonizing enough with the slapstick comedy – scenes where they are ordering pie, the crack down of the aliens at the Chinese restaurant, the dialogues between Will and TLJ and on and on I can go :). If there’s another sequel , I’m gonna let it pass.

      1. Hey Bill C, great website! Went through a couple of reviews. And btw that was my comment above. Didn’t realize I hadn’t put in my name :).

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