Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation

Bill C’s Review – 4 out of 5

This is the fifth Mission: Impossible film (about 20 years since the first!), and the franchise is still going strong.

The scene from the coming attractions of Cruise hanging on to the outside of an airplane as it takes off is just from the set piece before the opening credits.  This film is 2+ hours that flies by due to great action sequences as well as some Simon Pegg for comic relief.

Kudos to Cruise for still doing outrageous stunts into his 50s.  Don’t analyze the plot too closely and just go along for the ride.

Bill I’s Review – 3.5 out of 5

It’s a fun, action filled episode, with Tom Schmooze doing his best, and paired with a charismatic, enigmatic, beautiful nemesis/ally (you are kept guessing where her loyalties lie) played by Rebecca Ferguson. I think we’ll see much more of her, she’s so good. Reminds me of when I first saw Jessica Chastain. As Bill C. says, don’t expect the plot to pass deep examination; in fact, I was confused at several points. Why is Tom diving into an industrial whirlpool and switching orange security cards under water? How do you just run into your colleagues on a random street in Morocco? How are you able to build a high tech bullet proof glass cage with gas jets in like, a couple of hours? (By the way, what happened Tom’s wife, played in prior episodes by Michelle Monahan? Not here, guess she’s already been kidnapped and rescued so she is playing it low key.) So, the confusion distracted me (I did close my eyes for a few minutes, maybe I missed the whole explanation). There are funny parts, and Simon Pegg is a great buddy for Tom. Jeremy Renner seems wasted as his ostensible boss, and Alex Baldwin is great as the CIA chief who believes Tom and his IMF crew are the ones going rogue. The villains are cliches, probably leftovers from Austin Powers. They capture you but take their time to torture you before killing you, giving you plenty of time to figure out how to escape. It helps if you get within striking range when Tom is tied up, so he can kick you in the chest or head butt you. Amazing motorcycle chase scenes and great scenery along the way. Perfect summer movie, but not one of the best Mission Impossible films.


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