Paramount 2013 Summer Film Classic Series (Austin)

For those in Austin, a great way to escape the heat is at the Paramount Summer Film Classic Series. The movies play at both the Paramount and the State theater (right next door) downtown from Memorial Day through Labor Day. There are films from all eras and tastes—noir, comedies, musicals, foreign, silent. You name the genre, they’ll have it.

Here’s some of what I’m looking forward to from this year’s schedule:

  • Charlie Chaplin movies
  • Daniel Day-Lewis
  • Hitchcock week
  • Dirty Rats and Grand Dames
  • Frank Capra series

Last night, film critic Leonard Maltin was at the Paramount to screen one of his favorite movies, Frank Capra’s little-seen Lady for a Day. This 1934 film was very entertaining. Maltin was introduced by Austin Chronicle publisher and SXSW founder, Lewis Black, who has been lifelong friends with Maltin. Who knew?!

Tickets are cheap if you get a book of tickets.  Try to check it out.

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