Premium Rush

Bill I’s Review – 3.5 out of 5

I was pleasantly surprised that a film that tracks pretty much in real time a bike messenger through New York City would keep my interest, but it did so and was a lot of fun. Joseph Gordon Levitt plays the three time winner of the bike messenger of the year, as a reckless, aggressive, no-brake, one gear rider who cuts in and out of traffic to deliver whatever mail package has been given to him. He’s got a rocky relationship with another rider, the beautiful Dania Ramiriz, (see below)

Dania Ramirez Picture

who I remember as Turtle’s assistant turned girlfriend on Entourage. They are both terrific and believable as riders. Michael Shannon is perfect as the bad guy, continuing his typecasting from HBO’s  Boardwalk Empire. Shannon gives the film urgency and logic for the pursuit, as Gordon-Levitt and his pals swerve in midtown traffic. One of the coolest aspects is when he comes to a packed intersection, and the camera freeze frames while you see him working out visually which path will leave him untouched and not have to stop, reminding me of an NFL running back looking for daylight through the tacklers. I don’t see how this movie could have been better. From now I will look at those wrong-way bike riders a little more symathetically, for sure I won’t mess with them. I highly recommend this for all ages (well, over the age of 12 I guess).

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