The Attack

Bill I’s Review – 3.5 out of 5

I had no intention of seeing a film about the Israeli Arab conflict, focused on a terrorist attack. But I listened to one of Bill and Bill’s faithful readers (my mother!) and went to The Attack, and was very glad I did. It is centered on an Arabic surgeon (Amin) who’s living a fairly easy life in Tel Aviv, with a wife he loves (Siham) and the respect of his peers. In fact the film opens with Amin’s winning the local medical equivalent of an Academy Award, but pretty soon a suicide bomber blows up a restaurant and Amin’s in the OR pulling shrapnel out of the bodies of child victims. The gruesome scenes are held to a minimum, while the movie turns into a whodunit and why-done-it, with Amin at the center. We have his point of view as he navigates the multiple levels of secrecy and conspiracy in the various entities. The story walks successfully in a fine line, hearing perspectives from real people on each side of the conflict, and I never felt manipulated to one or the other side’s point of view. Amir’s journey is tortourous but necessary, and he angers both the Israeli’s and the Muslims equally. I don’t think this is a spoiler to tell you that ultimately Amir declines to help propogate the endless cycle of revenge-motivated violence. This is a terrific film, not a tear jerker at all, and I highly recommend it!

Bill C’s Review – 4 out of 5

This is a really good movie on a couple of levels.

From a personal perspective, it’s the story of Amin whose seemingly perfect life – great career, great friends, loving wife –  is literally blown to bits when a terrorist commits a totally unfathomable act. He goes on a quest to Nablus and to understand how such a thing could happen and learns some truths about himself and what his life has in store for him.

This movie also does a really good job of showing both sides of the conflict and how a solution is nowhere in sight. You can see the total lack of trust and common ground.

This movie is definitely worth seeing.


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  1. I’m glad you took your mother’s advice to see this film. I thought it wa one of the best of the year and would have given it a 5.

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