The Bourne Legacy

Bill I’s Review – 4 out of 5

Awesome movie, just like it’s predecessors! I guess Matt Damon is not essential, as Jeremy Renner does an admirable job as the new “rogue agent” being tracked down by the evil US spy agency black ops. I don’t think Jeremy can punch as fast as Matt, but he certainly can jump from rooftops as well, and ride a motorbike like a champ (incredible chase scene in Manila traffic – remind me never to drive in Manila). Rachel Weisz is perfect as the “innocent” scientist; her character makes you think about true guilt and innocence. The film’s opening 15 minutes is great because it immerses you in a couple of scenarios where you have no idea what’s going on, or how these people figure in the plot, or even what the plot is. So, a thought provoking thriller, that ends up as a more typical chase movie, but it will keep you on the edge of your seat throughout. The ending (no spoiler here) seems abrupt; I was hoping for more, but I guess two hours is long enough. Can’t wait for next Bourne.

Bll C’s Review – 3 out of 5

I agree with most of Bill’s review.  This is a good, quick paced action movie that is never boring.  I also like the opening sequence (the parts with the wolves made me think Liam Neeson could have used Jeremy Renner’s help in The Grey!)  Both Jeremy Renner and Rachel Weisz were good (Renner’s fighting looked pretty good to me).  I also liked Edward Norton as the person directing the chase for Aaron Cross (Renner).  The movie did end too abruptly and could easily come back with a fifth Bourne movie if they desire

For the most part I found the plot interesting and challenging although not all made sense to me (BEGIN SPOILER ALERT: they decided to eliminate all of the Bourne like agents but when they have trouble killing Aaron Cross they whip out another, later edition one that they had kept in reserve!  END SPOILER ALERT).  I liked part of the action sequences but parts went overboard.  BEGIN SPOILER ALERT!:  The motorcycle chase is good but there were a couple of parts that were ridiculous (ok – i know the whole thing was ridiculous) but when Aaron Cross is barely squeezing between things on a motorcycle in totally chaotic Manila traffic there’s no way the guy in the car should be able to keep up and there’s no way Rachel Weisz would not have fallen off, etc.! END SPOILER ALERT

While I did have my quibbles I did enjoy the movie.


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  1. Rachel passed the test, she will be Jeremy’s sidekick in next chapter! Until she gets killed, then Jeremy will get real pissed off like Matt Damon did aftet his girl got whacked.

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