The Revenant

Bill I’s Review – 4.5 out of 5

A true artistic film, which I enjoyed much better than the director’s previous (award winner!), Birdman. An incredible nature film combined with revenge plot and survival movie, with an unforgettable scene of a grizzly bear mauling Leo Dicaprio’s character. Very little film trickery and special effects, with a group of trappers trying to get back to their fort (circa 1850?) in the west somewhere, in the middle of winter and intense snow, wind and rain. Native Americans show no mercy in their attacks, but the true savages are the white men (no women in sight besides a raunchy bar scene in the fort) who take what they can from who they can, and true compassion is as rare as a mild day. The plot is as simple as this: Leo needs to make it back to the fort in his wretched bear-mauled state, to get revenge on the dude (great Tom Hardy) who abandoned him and (spoiler alert) killed his kin.

Bill C’s Review – 4 out of 5

A couple of day’s ago I was bitching and moaning about how cold it was when the high barely made 50.  That evening I saw the Revenant.  I don’t think I would have survived very long in the 1820’s (especially after being mauled by a bear).

This is really great film making with great scenery and a brutal story (if you don’t like violence skip this one).  The opening scene reminded me of the opening battle scene in Saving Private Ryan showing the chaos of battle.

Leo DiCaprio deserves kudos but I’m not sure if it’s for his acting or just for persevering in those conditions.  Tom Hardy was also excellent (I think between Mad Max, Legend, this is the year of Tom Hardy).


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