Bill I’s Rating – 4 out of 5

This is not a great movie, but it’s got so many laughs, especially in the first half before it turns sentimental, that I have to rate it so high. I loooove Amy Schumer (watch her TV show, Inside Amy Schumer, hysterical), and there are scenes that were incredibly funny. And, believe it or not, at one point Amy gives a speech that brought tears to my eyes. Definitely R rated, adults only. Best comedy in recent memory! Bonus – Lebron James has a real role and he’s good!  Amare Stoudemire is not bad in a small role. John Cena, the wrestler, is eye candy for the woman and has one of the funniest scenes. I can’t begin to describe it here, and don’t want to spoil your fun.

Bill C’s Rating – 4 out of 5

Below is my review when I saw this as a work in progress during SXSW in March.  This is Judd Apatow’s latest starring Amy Schumer.  Like most Apatow films, it’s rude, crude, very funny and has a heart.  Schumer plays a magazine writer with commitment issues (explained via a very funny opening sequence).  The supporting cast includes Bill Hader (as the orthopedic surgeon for athletes and one of Schumer’s love interests)  and Lebron James in a much larger role than I expected that he totally pulled off (including a very funny 1 on 1 match with Hader).  I thought the ending went a bit overboard, but if you are an Apatow fan, you will definitely like this movie.


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