Bill I’s Review – 2.5 out of 5

Pleasant film, plenty to smile about but nothing histerical, certainly not better than The Hangover, which some critic claimed. Kirsten Dunst plays the Type A leader of the 4 “B’s” ten years after their high school high point; now they are mostly disappointed, wandering aimlessly except for the character played by Rebel Wilson, a pudgy one they used to pick on (called her pig face), now engaged to Mr. Wonderful, leaving the rest speachless and jealous and half heartedly celebrating with a bachelorette party that goes wrong. Shenanigans result, leading up to the main even the next day. Will she, won’t she, is the suspense, and while the predictable conclusion arrives, it’s enjoyable to see some of the plot lines, most notably for me the unique Lizzy Caplan character, and of course, the wonderful Isla Fisher, who can make any role memorable, even though in this case it’s a dumb blonde type. Kirsten is actually interersting to watch as she plays against type cast, a very unpleasant, unhappy beeatch. The guys are mostly fill-in, foils for the gals.

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