Robot & Frank

Bill C’s Review – 3.5 out of 5

What kind of movie is this?  It’s a comedy, a drama, some sci fi and a buddy movie (between Frank Langella and his robot) all rolled into one.  Frank Langella gives a very good performance as an aging jewel thief with health/cognitive issues (the robot also gives a good performance!).  His kids don’t have enough time to give him the care he needs so his son gives him a robot that is programmed to take care of him and maximize his health.

Frank and the robot bond and if the best way to keep Frank and his mind engaged is for the robot to help him with a couple of robberies as long as it fits in with the prime  directive so be it.  The movie is quirky, entertaining, funny and in the end quite touching..


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  1. I liked this movie. There were lots of interesting topics to ponder here: human-machine interaction, aging and loneliness, care of elderly parents, and even the future of libraries!

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