One Percent More Humid

Bill I’s Review – 4 out of 5

This is the anti-cliché movie. Simple plot: two college girls (great Juno Temple and Julia Garner) spend a hot summer together with nothing in particular to do.  Not so simple plot twists: their best friend recently died tragically and they feel guilty because of the part they played. How do they get over it? How does it affect their friendship? How do their friends and family help them get over their grief. This is what makes it interesting, and I won’t tell much of the plot because following them go through their experiences is the fun part. One striking aspect is the summer love affair Juno’s character has with her college thesis advisor (Alessandro Nivola, playing the Bradley Cooper role). He’s a straight arrow English professor trying to write his novel while his wife (again the non-cliché, as she is not the typical cold bitch) is stuck in NY City for much of the summer with her work issues (the college town is in upstate New York). The mutual attraction and sexy chemistry is as believable as any I’ve seen in recent films. Is he the therapy she needs to get over her grief? Is he going to screw her over at the end while she gets devastated? (remember, anti-cliché) The relationship between the girls, as well as with their remote parents, clueless friends, and just about everyone else is as realistic as possible, and such a refreshing thing to see. So see it you must!

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