Bill I’s Rating – 3.5 out of 5

Lovely Anna (great Rebecca Hall) and Will (Dan Stevens) are live-in lovers, having known each other all their lives, clearly on a path to marriage. In fact, in the opening scene Dan fingers an engagement ring box, clearly planning how to ask Anna to marry him. They demonstrate (to us and to each other) all the stereotypical signs of a loving couple. The only apparent kink is their love making which seems a little, well, abrupt and mechanical. At a dinner with her brother and his best friend, (Hale and Reece, who are also a committed couple, and who are portrayed making love in one of the most explicit scenes I have seen in a mainstream movie), Will loses his resolve to pull out the ring and instead, thanks to drunken prompting Reece, they float the idea of having sex with other people to confirm that they are truly ready for a life-time of monogamy (seems like monotony with these two). Seems like Will’s male fantasy, but is he ready for Anna to also have a fling? She clearly is, and surprise surprise, she quickly is able to find a guy ready to take her to bed. And he seems pretty much ideal, both in bed, in the kitchen (he makes her breakfast in bed; actually she eats off a plate on his chest). And after sex he lays naked with his substantial genitals in full view. While we never see Will doing that, we are left to surmise that this new dude beats Will in that department. Things progress, including Will getting his own mind blown by an uninhibited wealthy widow (perfect, funny Gina Gershon). And there’s a secondary plot involving drama with the gay couple and a small role from Jason Sudeikis as a stay at home exhausted dad.  I was afraid there was going to be a boring predictable Hollywood ending, but I was happily wrong. In summary, an interesting take on an attractive couple and the danger of falling into predictability. oh, and there are some good laughs amongst the loving and arguing. Fun fact: the writer/director, Brian Crano, is married in real life to David Craig who plays Hale, and Rebecca Hall is married to Morgan Spector who plays Reece.

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