Project X

Bill I’s Review – 1.5 out of 5

Where do I start? First, I am not the target demographic for this experience; I’m probably a factor of 3 times older than that! Why did I even go? Because I love fun, stupid movies that have nutty scenes such as The Hangover, Superbad, Bruno, and American Pie, as long as they are witty. Early Spoiler Alert…Project X is not witty. Ferris Bueller it’s not, although it certainly has some of its key elements. Although Project X brought to mind some wild college parties I attended back in the day, watching this film was more like watching a film of those parties, instead of actually participating in one. (actually I never even heard of a party as wild as in Project X, but memory enhances). Not so exciting if you’re not there, drinking, laughing, going stupid wild. It did keep me in my seat and had me smiling at various points, and its lead actors are OK, but more of the level of Triple AAA minor league versions of Johah Hill, Michael Cera, and Seann William Scott. I remember when I first watched Animal House, and like everyone rooted for Belushi and his frat buddies…for Project X I most identified with the middle aged-neighbor who asked for the party to shut down, too noisy since he needed to go to sleep to get up for work in the morning, or he’d call the police. I’ve fought this battle in my own house plenty of times. Most of you might want to spend your time reminiscing instead of going to this movie, unless you are under 17 and fantasizing about someday going to a party like this. By they way, the music is real good. And I guarantee, the idea of flying dog with balloons came from Howard Stern’s show, innovative as usual.

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