The Lone Ranger

Bill C’s Review – 1.5 out of 5

I took one for the team and went to see the Lone Ranger this afternoon even though the reviews were awful.  The best thing I can say about it is that it got me out of the 100 degree heat for almost 3 hours (when you factor in 20 minutes of coming attractions).

At 2.5 hours this would have been too long if it was a good movie, which unfortunately it was not.  I have included a link that Billy I. posted of someone else’s review.  Unfortunately  I hadn’t read the whole thing at the time as it told me I could have saved 5 minutes by not staying for the scene with Tonto during the closing credits that I thought might have a point.  The linked review He provides a lot more detail on the movie than I do and it is an interesting read.

The plot is sort of crazy (as apparently is Tonto).  the movie tells the story of naive (really naive) John Reid being transformed from pacifist lawyer, teaming up with Tonto and becoming the Lone Ranger.  We also get Tonto’s backstory  as a heavily made up, old Tonto recalls the entire story.

The movie tries to throw in some humor some of which is ok but much falls flat.  As an action movie much of the action goes over the top and I am pretty sure that both Tonto and The Lone ranger would have been disabled or dead (although come to think of it (Spoiler Alert) according to Tonto The Lone Ranger can’t die (end spoiler alert)).

Bottom line is I wish I had gone to see Despicable Me II.

Review from someone else that Billy I posted


Rotten Tomatoes


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    1. You are not alone. While critics hated it about two thirds of people on Rotten Tomatoes and IMDB liked it

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