World War Z

Bill I’s Review – 3.5 out of 5

I don’t normally go for zombie movies, or world war movies, much less a world war movie with zombies like this, but it’s a lot of (I was going to say “fun” but definitely not that) cool action and fantastic zombies. I always wondered why zombies would always move so slow, which they certainly do not here. These undead are super fast (but only when they are agitated!), crazy obsessed about attacking and biting humans, and seemingly super strong. There’s some incredible scenes, which I won’t give away here. Brad Pitt is excellent as the hero, and everyone else is a minor character (most of them turn into zombies, no surprise). This movie is not for the young teen age set, as it will likely cause nightmares. I saw a tweet from a Palestinian who saw this as Israeli propoganda, which I don’t agree with, although I could see how some might interpret racist undertones (e.g. during the initial attack Brad takes his family to Newark and everyone’s looting the stores, while a wino sits in the alley and pays no attention, then an African American cop shows up and…starts grabbing stuff off the shelves himself). But at least the zombies are multi-cultural.

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